She Looks Nervous When On The Stage, But When She Starts Singing… What A Transformation! WOW!!


Looks can be deceiving, that’s what you conclude when you see what Rosie O’Sullivan is capable of. She might not appear like a typical pop star when you look at her from a distance, but the talent within her cannot be questioned. Here, she is performing “It’s A Man’s Man’s World,” at Britain’s Got Talent. She appears nervous but the moment she opens her mouth to sing, she surprised the judges who were not expecting what she did.

At the time she took the stage, she was 19 years of age, a student within Birmingham, U.K. She was already struggling with body image and confidence issues and that made her a bit nervous ahead of the auditions. It was when she started singing that the real transformation took place and the singer within her emerged.

When her singing came to the end, she couldn’t believe the kind of feedback she got from the judges. All of them has considered her performance to be brilliant and hoped she knew how great she was. As we have seen from time to time, raw talent is never choosy since it comes in various sizes and shapes.

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