This Looks Like a Normal Patio From Afar, But It’s Not What You Think


#1 Your Cat Will Freak With Joy!

Do you ever feel guilty keeping your house cat exclusively indoors? Recently a solution has been spotted online, revealing a new way for cats to enjoy the great outdoors safely within an enclosed patio, called a catio.


#2 What Are Catios?

Basically they’re safe outdoor spaces built to allow cats to explore without getting into trouble, whether that’s being a menace to wildlife, or being hit by cars or attacked by dogs. Catios can be installed on a home porch or on a garden ground area.


#3 No Patio or Garden Space?

No problem, catios can also attach to the outside of windows or doors.


#4 Mixed-Use Catios

Catio enclosures come in all styles and sizes, they even will accommodate people too.


#5 Huge Catios

Cat owners love to hang out with their furry friends. How about in the fun outdoor space below?


#6 Enclosed Cat Adventures

Catios can be configured anyway you’d like, such as custom walkways for cat exploration within trees!


#7 Solo Explorations

The lucky cat below is the king of his backyard while patrolling every corner of the garden with this fence catio trail.


#8 Creating ‘Cat Heaven’..

Whether catios are built around windows, patios, decks or yards, each space provides fresh air, exercise and endless opportunities for cats to happily bask in the sun amongst birds and other wildlife. You can view more varieties of catio spaces here.

814faa7d0087a4caa7f470c9801ed2a2.600xsource: viralnova

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