They Look Like Shy Teenagers, But When They Start Performing. I Got!


Nathan and Eva Leach’ s cover of the famous song “Hero” sang by Family of the year is a worth-watching cover in which the two young teenagers showed a wonderful rehearsal using their powerful voice talents as well as their music instruments; the guitar and the harmonica.

The performance started as Nathan played his guitar and sang in a confident way , then followed by his sister’s harmonious voice accompanying him while playing and singing.The song was enthusiastically sang by both of them due to the significance of the lyrics which deal with the dreams of teenagers and their strong desire to break free from the authority of their parents.

Eva Leach showed an unbelievable performance not only through her amazing voice, but also through the use of her harmonica which added an new spice to the song.Both the young guys demonstrated an excellent talent in harmonizing their voices with the instruments they play together.

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