Lone airmen Is joined on stage by a row of military men for a special performance


America ‘s Got Talenthas played to host to various entertainers and performers. On August 15th, 2017 the audience was treated a rare and exciting performance from the military men.

It starts with one of the airmen from In the Stairwell comes on to thestage and the music begins, he sings the opening line to ‘Some Nights” by Fun. Unknown to the crowd, he was not alone. The rest of the Air Force troop appear, and join him to perform a new song.

The rest of the In The Stairwell walks onto thestage with their military uniform and blow the people away with their exhilarating acappella performance. Their voices blend perfectly and their harmonies captivate the audience.

The song goes on and on, and the airmen singer louder and with more power. Pay close attention to their subtle footwork that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

Watch the Airmen’s amazing performance below. Aren’t they patriotic?

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