Terrified Little Pup Bites Her Rescuer. But What This Rescuer Does Then? Tear-Jerking!


Abused dogs no doubt fear humans. But because these dogs are petrified of human touch and contact, animal rescuers have hard time rescuing them. Even though rescuers work hard to bring these animals to safety, sometimes they have to put their own life on danger. It was the same case in the video below. The rescuer who went to rescue this terrified dog almost got his hand bit by this dog.

Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization went to rescue this abandoned dog. But when they reached the site they saw that this dog was totally petrified. The rescuers used blankets to protect themselves against the bites from this scared dog. It took a lot of time for them to gain this poor dog’s trust.

Finally these rescuers were able to win this dog’s trust and decided to name her Holly.

Watch this amazing rescue video below and do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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