Little girl shows her incredible story-telling skills with Jonah’s encounter with the whale


There’s a nice place in heaven for the best story-tellers. I mean, story-telling is an art that needs nurturing and commitment. In fact, it’s because of these stories that so many communities, and the society at large, have been able to preserve history. Well, if you love stories, then you’re going to fall head-over-heels for this little girl. Mary Margaret knows her art by the heart!

In the clip here, she’s all set to have your jaws dropping, and she’ll do that by narrating the Bible story of Jonah and the big Whale. She’s talented and detailed in her account of the popular story. This is sure to get your full attention.

To watch this, just click on the video and have your heart stolen by this cute little human. By the time she’s through with her heart-tugging narration, you will love it.

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