Little girl raids piggy bank to send her parents out on a date


The little girl overheard her parents talking about a night out, while they were washing up after dinner. Presumably, money was tight, and they were trying to save up by cutting down on “luxuries” such as date nights.

Young Chelsy-Lee didn’t hesitate for a second and stepped in to surprise her parents. She had some hard-earned savings in her piggy bank and decided to gift the entirety to her folks so they could go out for dinner and a movie. The 10-year-old emerged from her room carrying an inscribed box filled with $82 and a sweet little note.

“Dear Mum and Dad — here is some money for a date night,” the letter read.

“It should cover a movie, dinner, and maybe extras. PS: You could watch the scary movie for the trailer we just watched. Love, Chelsy-Lee.”

Needless to say, Mrs. Ordonez — Chelsy-Lee’s mother, was completely taken aback and overwhelmed with emotion.

“I poured it out on the couch and almost immediately started bawling,” the 31-year-old mom said.

Little girl raids piggy bank and gifts the entirety of her hard-earned savings to her parents, so that they could go on a much deserved night out.

According to Mrs. Ordonez, Chelsy-Lee has been raised to have a generous spirit.

“She is such a sweetie and I was overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness. There are no words — I was just completely overwhelmed with her generosity and very proud that she can be so selfless. Chelsy-Lee is a gorgeous soul that acts in ways that are often beyond her years,” Ordonez said.

Even at such a young age, the little girl does volunteer work at art workshops for children with disabilities and dedicates her spare time to helping the local Children Hospital deliver gifts.

“When we think of children, we understand them to be younger people — but they have feelings, thoughts, worries, comforts, questions just as adults do, so we treat her like we like to be treated, guiding her and talking the whole way. We also really expose her to the world — the beautiful and wonderful, the sad, and the horrible. We try lots of new things and try to look after our world and fellow humans while we are doing it,” Chelsy-Lee’s mother said.

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