A Little Girl In Tears Asked Her Mom Why They Couldn’t Afford To Buy Her A Dress.



Used to work at Walt Disney World in a park. I’ll absolutely never forget when two families had come on vacation together, but one was obviously more well-off than the other.

They had 2 little girls with them and the parents were in our princess store buying some items for them. The poorer family was buying their daughter a really pretty necklace, but the more well-off family was buying the whole shebang for their little girl – a princess dress, crown, shoes and accessories. I was ringing them up when I heard the poorer little girl ask her mom, “Mommy, why can’t I be a princess but she can?” I asked them where they were from and why the little girl didn’t believe she was a princess. She insisted that princesses had to wear dresses. I picked up the phone and called my manager.

There’s a thing at Disney where every day managers are able to make “magical moments” for guests. Most of these are simple things – a fastpass for a ride, a free bottle of water, etc., but my manager was able to get a free princess dress for this little girl. It was so exciting.

We didn’t tell her that it was happening while it was being worked out, instead I covered her and her friend in pixie dust and we sang songs from Disney movies in the middle of the store. She and her mother both cried when my manager presented it to them and hugged us and thanked us for making their vacation so special. That was all the gold I needed for a life time.

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