Circus Lion Lived in a Rusty Pickup Truck for 20 Years. Now Watch When He’s FINALLY Freed!


A lion that grew up in the circus is finally freed and its reaction is priceless.

#1 Circus Act Over

This is Mufasa. He is a mountain lion that has been in a Peruvian circus for about 20 years. His life was relegated to the back of a pickup truck in chains and the circus stage — and that’s it.


#2 Finally Freed

An animal rights organization called Animal Defenders International took it upon themselves to finally free up this mountain lion that has been shackled for two decades. “It was heartbreaking to see Mufasa chained among the circus equipment, living on the back of a pickup truck,” said the president of the organization.


#3 Worldwide Project

The project was called “Operation Spirit of Freedom” where the organization goes around the world and disbanding illegal circuses. In 2011, Peru banned circus animals.


#4 Nervous Lion

When ADI finally reached Mufasa, his condition was horrible. He weighed far less than he should have and you can tell he had a nervous energy inside of him, according to his rescuers.


#5 Back to the Wild?

He’s now in Peru’s capital city of Lima where he is getting the special attention that he deserves! “He was torn from the wild and has endured the worst possible life,” said a representative.


#6 Over 100 Freed

This mission, so far, has rescued almost 100 animals worldwide! Mufasa is now back in the wild in a protected forest and hopefully the rest of his life is filled with freedom and happiness.


#7 From Pickup to Freedom

This is where Mufasa was living for the past 20 years. Anything besides this is more humane and appropriate for this wild animal. We’re happy to see that there are people out there trying to restore the natural order of the world and Mufasa is certainly grateful as well!

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