It Was Like Any Other Wedding Until The Groom Opened His Mouth. So Stunning!


The memory of your wedding is there to stay in your lifetime. That explains why it’s common to see couples going an extra mile to make their weddings unforgettable.

On our platform, we have seen the different outrageous things that couples have done to ensure their weddings meet the levels they expect – in fact we’ve seen a fair share of them.

It seems that many people have discovered how to make the big day special and this video has one of those surprises which can make any wedding unforgettable. Niall Donnelly, decided that exchanging vows saw not enough and decided to come up with a plan. As lead singer, he thought it will be a good idea if he performed his original song during the occasion. “This I Promise You,” was the title of the song he decided to sing for the bride.

As a great singer, he gave the right taste of the performance and everyone who had attended the weeding was moved.

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When the Jasper County Animal Rescue League discovered Sury, she was covered in fleas and several cockroaches had used her matted fur as a nest.


The rescue league believes she is about 10 years old, but she appears to have been neglected for many, many months.


Shockingly, Sury was dumped outside the shelter in her cage. Her food was molded, and she had several ear and eye infections.


The league actually named her Sury as an abbreviation of “Survivor.”


The rescue group took five hours to fully groom Sury, and they’ve been helping to bring her back to good health. The most amazing part is her transformation. You can see her new look on page 2!


Now? She’s ready to find her forever home. Despite all the terrible things that have happened to her, this beautiful dog is ready to love again.


It’s just proof that there’s hope for every dog out there.


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