Woman Died Alone At Home, Wasn’t Found For Two Years

When a person has no family, friends, or social life it is possible to be dead for years without others noticing. Or is it?

#1 Lucie Wells would have been 69 years old at the time when police found her dead in her bedroom

But, nobody knows for certain just how old she was when she passed, as the woman has been dead for years.

#2 She lived the life of a hermit

Once inviting a neighbor over for drinks before 11 in the morning, McNulty made few other attempts to get to know her neighbors.

#3 A former music teacher in Buffalo, NY, she had a falling out with neighbors

Lucie reportedly refused to contribute to a fund paying for plowing of local roads, and it created a rift between she and neighbors.

#4 When police realized she had not paid her property taxes in two years, they were concerned

Her mail was all being returned to sender, and when they investigated they found she had met her maker.


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