Did You Know Cats Relate With Boxes Like This? Watch This!


Cats have many mysterious behaviors that are uncertain to many people. These norms help cats to adapt and live comfortably. Are domestic cats similar to undomesticated cats? They all have some inexplicable behaviors in common. They all love boxes.

Cats love and enjoy playing with boxes wholly. They try their best to climb into the boxes, fit inside and even play with them. Many perceive this as a sense of safety and comfort to the cats.Yeah, that is a good rationale though it doesn’t prevent us from being amused when bigger cats try to fit in smaller boxes.

Researchers at Big Cat Rescue carried a case study on the undomesticated cats. Large boxes were placed in  their enclosure to test whether they have admiration with cardboard cubes.Wow! I’m in stitches.Lions, tigers, leopards and their kittens admired and played with the boxes as a house cat could have done.

The cats neared the box while shaking their tails happily. They climbed inside and sat comfortably for example Rusty. All of them seemed to bestress-free. Other cats push the box, overturn, flip it around and capsize it before they destroy it wholly-Arthur and Andre. Regardless of the size, cats love playing with the cardboard boxes.

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