Two Teenage Girls Kidnapped a 14 Year Old, Made Her Masturbate, and Tortured Her For 17 Hours By Scalping Her Hair and Pouring Salt Down Her Throat



Teenagers Caylen Candy and Chyanne Powell were sentenced to jail time following their gruesome torture of a young schoolgirl. Powell was given seven years and six months hard time. Candy was given six years and three months. Both will serve their sentences in a Young Offenders Institution in Britain.

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These wayward teens abducted their victim from the street and took the young child to an apartment where the torturing took place. They stripped their victim naked, put her in a cold bath and made her masturbate at knife point. They poured salt down the girl’s esophagus, cut her hair and attempted their version of water-boarding under a sink faucet for up to ten seconds at a time.

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The sadistic pair filmed their atrocities on cell phone cameras and committed these and other despicable crimes upon the child for seventeen hours straight. Prosecutor Michael Speak reports that Candy threatened a lot more, saying “You will get killed if you snitch us.”



Reported male accomplices to the crime, Sanjay Kayia, David Appiah, also teenagers, were also sentenced to hard time for their part in the kidnapping. They plead guilty to charges of false imprisonment and sharing indecent photographs of a child.

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