K-9 got separated from her cool handler. 2 years later, he calls out for her


For so long, Stg. Jason Bos worked with his best friend and military dog, Cila, carrying out numerous missions together. But as fate would have it, Jason retired from the military as a result of a back injury. He flew back to the US and set himself up down in Michigan. Two years later, the best thing happened!

Turns out, Cila, the cool Labrador, was about to retire too, and Jason wanted her with him. Thanks to Mission K-9 Rescue and the American Humane Association, Jason was able to be reunited with Cila at O’Hare International Airport. The dog was flown from Germany to Chicago. The moment the veteran calls out her name, sparks start!

They had really missed each other. You should see this! Jason pledged to work with other veterans to help them deal with post-deployment issues. He had a job for Cila to.

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