Jovi’s Way Of Singing “Hallelujah” Floors Millions Of People… What A Talent!


Truth be said, you can always find a reason to fall in love with Jon Bon Jovi. He has an incredible voice, he’s sexy and talented. Though those are some of the reasons why this video is great, you’re about to find others…

In the year 2007, he did a stripped down rendition of “Hallelujah,” Leonard Cohen’s song. Since that time, over 20 million viewers have watched the rendition. The kind of emotion he expresses while singing the song is enough to make you watch it severally.

It’s evident that every great performer will always find something to spice up this classic song with. It reminds me of when Celine Dion decided surprised the crowd by using the Canadian Tenors. Here, Jovi has done a raw version which is equally compelling.His skill and talent are just out of this world!

It instantly became my favorite rendition of “Hallelujah.”

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