She Asked John Travolta To Came Up Onto The Stage, What He Does Next? Fantastic!


Late in 2014, the Indian singer and film actress Priyanka Chopra did a “mind-blowing” dance performance at the IIFA Awards ceremony. The accompanying music was essentially modern pop music — somewhat influenced by reggae — with lyrics in one of the multitudinous languages of India (probably Hindi, which is the official language in the part of the country from which Miss Chopra hales).

The dress that she wore was absolutely stunning — all gold except for a purple section just above teh waste — and its shape flattered her voluptuous figure. Her dancing partner sported a black leather jacket with fringes, white pants and The couple was accompanied by a troupe of male dancers, all of them dressed in black with gold decorations.

Fifty seconds into the video, Miss Chopra went up to the famous John Travolta, who was seated in the front row dressed in black, and brought him onto the stage with her. Together, they walked up the staircase to a higher stage, followed by the other dancers, and continued to perform. At the end, Priyanka exhorted the cheering audience, “Come on now, let me hear some love.”

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