Joan Rivers’ daughter reveals amazing facts about her mother 3 years after her death


We all remember Joan Rivers for her humor and vibrant personality. The 81-year-old developed some complications after a surgery and passed away on 4thSeptember, 2014.

Joan’s fans remember as a talented comedian, her daughter hasfond memories of her mom. Melissa Rivers opened up about her mom on TheDoctor’s show. Even Dr. Drew Ordon could not contain his emotions when he remembers his dear friend.

Melissa has some fond memories of her mom. She was present in the delivery room during her grandson’s birth. Joan was explaining Melissa’s ex-husband on how to get the best shots.

Joan was known for her honesty and straightforwardness. Although she poked fun at others, Melissa describes her mom as a sensitive and emphatic person. Her daughter still keeps her mom’s awards and other memoirs.

Watch the video to learn more about Joan Rivers.

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