A jet is sent to rescue a baby by an anonymous billionaire after the horrible hurricane


Residents of Puerto Rico lack the necessities such as water, food, and medical supplies after hurricane Maria hit the area. From the time when the damage happened, people from across the United States are coming out and giving supplies and money to all in need.

You possibly have heard regarding the superstars like Pitbull and Bethenny Frankel assisting people by bringing food in private planes. Well, they are not unaccompanied in their endeavors to help the people devastated by the storm.

An unknown billionaire from New Jersey sent a personal jumbo down to Puerto Rico with materials such as syringes, generators, diapers, and more for the locals who so urgently want necessary provisions to stay alive.

The $20 million plane was not going to go away empty after delivering goods, though. The benefactor also instructed that ill people be brought stateside so that they could receive treatment.

Sebastian, who is eight months old, is one of the sick locals and suffers from CHF (congestive heart failure).

Without surgical treatment, the baby would pass on. But fortunately, he was among the five other sick people who were flown to the states in the private plane.

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