It Appears To Be Impossible, The Moment He Poured The Water I Watched With Amazement


Meet Eduard Kopp, the man who came up with an impossible but amazing design! He is the student who managed to create this wonderful design which is really incredible. He managed to come up with this design simply by looking at other videos. The idea in the video was originally obtained from M. C. Escher who used to create mathematical pieces of art. In this video we see Edward making one of Escher’s waterfall creations which was printed in 1961. In another clip, on his channel, Kopp walks beside the structure and illustrates that the pieces do not connect the way one would imagine. In the demonstration, he tries to show us how it would be possible for one to pour water at the bottom and make it flow back to the top.

Some individuals were surprised how he was able to record this act, many people would consider it as impossible. The video elaborates more about the design. As much as the video is incredible, he did not achieve his objective since he wanted to demonstrate how the impossible would be possible.

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