Mom Waits For The Music To Start. But Keep Watching The Big Dog… PERFECT!


Humans and dogs share a special bond that can never be broken. Over thousands of years, we’ve called these faithful animals our best friends, and thankfully, they’ve stayed by our sides for so long that they can read our emotions before we’re even registering them ourselves.

Dogs have been with humans through war, peace, and everything in between. They’re wonderful as members of the police, and have saved lives in search and rescue missions. But while dogs certainly make the perfect partner in those intense jobs, they also seem to have an artistic eye as well!

The video below shows Sandra and Lizzy performing the absolutely perfect doggy freestyle dance. This form of dance requires a human and their dog to essentially form a mental bond with each other. The dog needs to know exactly what move they need to perform and the human has to be as graceful as possible while performing in front of a huge crowd of people, all while being judged!

While some people might think this performance is a bit strange, any animal lover will appreciate not only how beautiful it is to watch, but just how difficult a process this must have been to get the choreography down. It’s hard enough memorizing dance moves on your own, but when you throw a dog into the mix? Things have a tendency to get a bit more unpredictable. However, with this amazingly intelligent dog, it seems she really owned the night and performed one of the most amazing dance routines we’ve ever seen!

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