She Was Abused And Beaten By Her Husband On Their Wedding Night, You Will Be Horrified To Know Why…


This is somewhat disturbing

#1 The Bride

This is 22 year old Amy Dawson on her wedding day. She is marrying long-time partner Gavin Golightly, 29 years old.

#2 Long Relationship

Dawson and Golightly have been together many years. They have a child together. However, Dawson says that Golightly became manipulative and controlling after the birth of their child.

#3 Post Wedding

Golightly attacked Dawson on their wedding night after she asked him to help her out of her wedding dress. According to Dawson, Golightly was unable to undo the dress and became violent, punching and beating her. She eventually was able to get a hotel porter to call the police.

#4 How Do You Plead

At first Golightly claimed that his drink had been spiked, but eventually he plead guilty to the assault charges. He has a restraining order keeping him away from Dawson.

#5 Joint Custody

However, Golightly is still able to see their child with supervised visits. After 24 months Golightly can file for joint custody. Dawson is not happy with this outcome, saying it was too lenient of a sentence.

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