Husband accidentally burns wife and is forced to make the hardest decision ever


There are people with good and compassionate hearts, and then there those total wrecks that can only be described as supremely damaged. You want to know why everyone is angry with this guy!

Courtney Waldon was happily married,but that’s before she agreed to go camping with her hubby and he ended up messing up her life big time. While they camped, her husband burned her by accident. Courtney’s face was disfigured. She had 40% burns on her!

But her hubby isn’t the type to be compassionate. He left her! Apparently, he left her and her daughter because he found it hard to deal with the situation. Not to mention that he abandoned her at the hour of her greatest need.

She had a $2 million medical bill to foot!

However, her neighbors were nice enough to help her. Watch this video and get the full story. Don’t forget to use the SHARE button!

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