Hurricane Irma dried-up an entire beach in one unbelievable experience


We have witnessed lots of hurricane Irma’s astonishing pictures. From the destruction the storm has caused on islands to the remarkable method rescuers are helping out, we have not experienced a lack of hurricane Irma news.

But this is unusual; a whole beach, dried out from the rainstorm pours.

As said by the ViralHog, this clip was captured in the Bahamas. It shows a whole beach with no water because it has been dried up by the rainstorm.

The man who captured the video said that the recording was taken in the Bright Long Islands of Bahamas as Hurricane Irma was ending. The man says he was on his way to witness the destruction to his business and chose to check his friend’s home for damages.

He resides surrounded by the beaches and has witnessed some hurricanes himself, but has never seen something of this sort. He said there was no ocean as far as his eyes could see.

There is another clip of how the beach appeared like after water returned.

Watch this footage to see the eye-catching photos yourself. If you want to assist the victims of the hurricane, please donate to Red Cross. Please remember to SHARE the footage with friends on Facebook.

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