The Hunter Had Just Shot At The Deer and Missed. Now Watch the Deer’s Response!


Hunters might find it quite a wonderful thing to find animals and shoot them dead from a distant. The fun is in the tracking, the aiming, and shooting to kill with one shot. However, other people find it quite offensive that one would just shoot dead an animal for fun. It’s cruel and should not be done at all. In this video, something different happens. The hunter becomes the hunted and it’s time for him to feel what the deer would have felt to lose its life.

The hunter had been stalking the white tailed deer for a while. Once he felt comfortable enough. He aimed and took a shot. That’s when he missed by a few inches. The deer felt the bullet whiz by and knew, probably from experience, that it was being hunted. That’s when it started charging towards the hunter. It struck the hunter and he fell down. It then started to stamp on him. From the video you can see all he wanted was to kill him. I have never seen such an angry deer before in my life.

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