13-Year-Old Indian Boy Whose Head Hung At A 180-Degree Angle Had Life-Changing Surgery…I CRIED!


He used to see the world upside-down.

#1 Mahendra Ahirwar

Mahendra, a 13-year-old boy from India, was born with a congenital myopathy.

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#2 Weak Neck Muscles

The condition weakened his neck muscles so much that he couldn’t hold his head up.

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#3 In Pain

He suffered constant pain, and his parents took him to doctor after doctor.

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#4 No More Doctors

There was a surgical solution, but it was extremely expensive. So his parents stopped taking him to see doctors two years ago.

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#5 The Unexpected

When they had given up, the unexpected happened. A woman from England, Julie Jones, read about Mahendra’s struggle online.

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#6 Crowdfunding

She had to do something to help him, so she started a Crowdfunder page, to get money for the operation. The crowdfunding raised £12,000 -16.000 dollars- and Dr. Rajagapalan Krishnan, an experienced spinal surgeon, volunteered to perform the surgery for free.

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#7 Mission Accomplished!

After a 10-hour operation, Mahendra’s neck is now secured with a bone graft and a metal plate.
“I had no hope of getting better in life, but now [that] I’m okay, my dreams have risen up,” Mahendra told “Channel 5 Extraordinary People.” “I want to be successful in life now.”
We’re very happy for him!

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