It Looks Like A Couple Hugging, But This Picture Is Driving People Nuts. Do You See It


There’s nothing the Internet loves more than a good brain teaser or optical illusion. As soon as the seemingly unexplainable makes its way to social media, debates quickly spark and people desperately try to understand what they are seeing.

From the color of dresses to misleading mirror pictures, a good optical illusion deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is. Sometimes illusions are created specifically for the misleading effect, but sometimes it happens completely unintentionally.


An accidental optical illusion has been circulating around the Internet and many can’t understand what exactly is happening in the picture. At first glance, the picture appears to just be two people hugging on the beach, but with a closer look, things take a turn for the bizarre.

Once you notice the legs, it’s hard to figure out just who is hugging who in the picture. Is this some sort of multi-limb mutant or contortionists reuniting? The image was posted to Reddit by user Blood_Reaper and managed to go viral, making people everywhere scratch their heads.

looks-like-a-couple-hugging-but-the-illusion-is-driving-people-nuts-do-you-see-it2Reddit / Blood_Reaper

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