These Horses Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen. How They Do It? WOW!

These already magestic animals have gotten even more gorgeous!

#1 Horse Art

Workers at the JMC Equestrian center in the U.K have taken animal grooming to a NEW LEVEL! Just when you thought horses couldn’t get any more gorgeous…

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#2 Winter Grooming

Horses are groomed in the winter to prevent excess sweating, as their fur can be extremely hot!

6854163418b9af3ea242fb64a567dab3.600xvia boredomtherapy

#3 Fancy Grooming

So why not get creative while shaving the horses?

575dd65c2705b068b42fea67d40b609d.600xvia boredomtherapy

#4 Lucky Horseshoe

Simple clippers do the trick!


#5 Missing Pieces

Whoever did this one is a genius!

f7f3864aa62ac919486e8161039e5eea.600xvia boredomtherapy

#6 Roundtable

This horse could truly fit in with the knights!

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