This Homemade Fireplace Turned A Boring Wall Into The Best Part Of The House


#1 A Blank Slate

A blank wall with a few holes broken in it, not much to start with in terms of beautiful architecture. What to do….


#2 Building the Foundation

You can see the fireplace coming to life slowly, and you should know that it is going to be electric.


#3 Fireplace Installed

This room is quickly turning into one of the chillest spots in the house. Put a plasma TV above that fireplace and you are money.


#4 Time for Some Sheeeeeet Roooock!

Sheet rock is the spine of the fireplace, the foundation for the hearth. Put that beast in.


#5 That’s a Fireplace!

There is no mistaking it, that is a gosh darn fireplace ladies and gentlemen.


#6 Adding the Final Touches

Now that the hard work was done they had to start putting the final touches on, which includes the faux-rock exterior.


#7 Fire In Its Full Glory

The fire gods would be pleased with this one, and that red wearing chick from Game of Thrones would be too.


#8 Room Complete

We have to admit, they did this room right. You could do practically anything with this space- bedroom, living room, man cave- and it would work perfectly.


#9 Merry Xmas!

What did we say? The plasma above the fireplace makes the whole room. This is one warm space.

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