His Parents Told Him For Years That His Brother Had Run Away From Home. But He Was Shocked To Learn The Heartbreaking Truth.


This man’s brother had been missing for years. Not wanting to give up, he did a little extra investigating on his own. He never expected to learn this about his brother. What unfolded next is truly heartbreaking.

My brother went missing a long time ago. I thought he ran away from home. Long story short, I got into contact with some detectives that our family has known since my brother went missing. When I started asking questions, they told me that my brother was no longer on any missing persons registry. When I asked what that meant, they told me that he was removed per my parent(s) request.

I asked my parents – my dad, actually. My dad ignored me. My mom told me my brother is alive and okay (“as far as she knows”). They found my brother years ago – a very, very long time ago – and found out he was living with another man. He’s gay, and it disgusted my parents. He tried reaching out to them. They told him they didn’t want anything to do with him and that I didn’t remember him and wouldn’t want to see him…..

I went ballistic. My parents weren’t fazed by it. They sincerely hate my brother for who he is – for being gay. They kept him a secret from me all my life. My brother missed the birth of his nephew, he missed my wedding, graduations, EVERYTHING, just because my parents lied to me.

I’ve been able to get a phone number and contact information from police officers. My brother left it all open in case anyone from our family wanted to contact him. I still can’t work up the nerve to call him. The address I have for him is across the country. But he’s alive. My brother is alive.


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