Here’s an interesting story of a kid that felt no pain even while chewing his tongue


No one likes pain. Pain is gross and costing. It infuriates you to the core. But what if you happened to feel no pain? How different would your life turn out?

It turnsout; thereactually is a medical condition that prevents people from feeling pain. Little Gabby was born with such a condition, and you want to know how it affected her life. It’s stunning!

Back in 2005 when Gabby was 5, Oprah Winfrey got wind of her story and featured her on her show. At the time, Gabby was just a little kid. She would chew on her tongue and feel no pain. At one time, she poked her eye so severely that it had to be removed. She felt nothing!

Her parents had to be extra careful with her, even sometimes neglecting their other kid. In the clip, you get to see Gabby now in her teens. It’s interesting!

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