heartbreaking photo from a stray dog hugging a bear goes viral!


There are some really amazing people in this world, just look at the volunteers from the nonprofit group “Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project” that dedicate their time and money to save stray dogs from the streets.

In Houston, there is a huge problem with the stray dogs. Over the years the people from this group had feed and saved more than 864 dogs. They somehow manage to take the dogs from the streets and find them good homes with people that truly love animals.


The volunteers were in the area trying to catch a stray dog, in order for them to be treated and adopted eventually. Here they saw this obviously sad dog, lying on the ground with a teddy bear, and took a photo that immediately went viral. They would have loved to take the dogs with them but unfortunately didn’t had space in the van, since it was overfull with other stray dogs.


They came back later after the dog, but he wasn’t there. Here they found an 89-year-old man Calvin, which said that the dog was his, but he always manages to free himself and walk freely on the streets.


The volunteers offered help to Calvin with vet costs and he accepted with a smile. With a little luck, the sleeping dog will be soon found and it would be returned to Calvin or brought to a new home if Calvin feels he can’t take care of him. Since all living creatures deserve to feel love.

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