He Asked Hid Daughter To Joined Him To The Stage, What They Did Together? AMAZING!


There are quite a few young people who have famous parents, and Ruby Stewart is one of them. However, not all inherit their parent’s traits when it comes to talent. While she seems just a tad bit hesitant at first, when her Dad gives her the ‘go-for-it’ movement with his hand, that’s exactly what she does. Her singing ability is well-matched to her Dad’s, and they are a great pair on stage. While most of the people in the audience aren’t fluent in English, most of them will have the song that Ruby and her famous Dad are singing together memorized.

Ruby’s white dress and black thigh-high boots go well together, and her outfit also goes great with her Dad’s traditional suit, this time in a dark blue. While neither will be, in actuality, “Forever Young,” they certainly seem that way now, and they will both be like this in their fans hearts and minds. That is one place where all of us can be forever young, though – in our hearts and in our minds. Those may feel the effects of age, but they don’t truly get older with time, not like our bodies do.

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