Have You Ever Spoken To A Herd Of Sheep? Well, This Man Did. And This Is What Happened.


X Factor is a excellent show that lets contestants find their way and shine. many contestants have become stars and gained huge fanbases.

Even after the show is over, we still follow them. there are a few that stand out above all the others, one being Melanie Amaro. On X Factor 2011, Melanie audition using the song “Listen” by Beyoncéand nailed it. With a standing ovation from the crowd and judges, Melanie moved on to the next round with high confidence and support from her family. As she moved through the rounds, she nailed each and every song with hardwork and dedication to her career. She went on to the final round, where she yet again sang “Listen” and received another standing ovation.

Through tearful eves, she gratefully accepts the honor of being winner of X Factor 2011. Even after the show has ended and a new year began, many fans stayed with Melanie and supported her as she made a singing career.

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