New Law Has Parents Pay A Big Fine For Their Child’s Bullying


#1 Bulliying

This is a scene that, unfortunately, has become part of our everyday life.


#2 Social Media

The worst part of it is what social media has done to magnify the bullying. The range of harm is exponential.


#3 But Not For This Town

The city council of Shawano in Wisconsin passed an anti-bullying ordinance.


#4 Parents Responsible

The new ordinance makes parents responsible for their children’s bullying.
“We feel without getting the parent involved, just giving a ticket or fining someone out of this isn’t the answer,” said Chief Mark Kohl of the Shawano Police Department.


#5 Warning

Parents get a warning. They have 90 days to address the child’s behavior. This procedure gives the parents the possibility to act and help their child make a change in their behavior.


#6 Fines

If nothing changes within that period, the parents will be fined with $ 366. If another offense occurs within the same year, that second offense will equal a fine of $681.
Some people agree with this, some don’t. But everyone aknows is that something has to be done.


#7 The Police Remind:

“This isn’t generated towards the kids being kids, some playground banter. This is the person that is meticulously using social media or saying things that are vulgar in an attempt to hurt, discredit, and really demean a person.”

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