“Hallelujah” Starts Playing As Skater Immediately Brings Entire Room To Tears

The feeling of freedom on the ice and the exhilaration of performing in front of an audience is what pushed Taryn to enter into the Los Angeles Showcase. Skating to “Hallelujah” by Alexandra Burke (a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s hit), Taryn takes the ice and demonstrates her incredible skill.

From twirls to jumps, Taryn nails every single move! She’s so good! In fact, she’s so amazing that she won the Funakoshi Trophy in the Los Angeles Showcase with this routine.

Taryn’s elegance, poise, smoothness and expressiveness is part of what wowed the judges. She truly is an incredible ice skater. In fact, this video has drawn more than four million views.

Take a peek at her prize-winning routine for yourself by pressing in the video below.

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