Quiz: How Many Great Loves Will You Have In Your Lifetime?



I don’t know about you guys, but this one feels a little personal. How do I even determine if someone was a “great love,” or not? I’d like to consider all of my relationships, including lovers, family, and friends, as great loves. Even people who I have had difficulty getting along with, I can look back and chuckle at some endearing quality of theirs. The fact is, people come and go and it is always for a reason. Often we are too blinded by the situation when we are in it to learn our lessons, and so the lesson returns at a later time.

Even as I am confronted with the one who I have referred to as the love of my life, I see the same teachings as I have seen before. I guess the difference is that the challenges have not resulted in the end of the relationship, so far… But, that may be because things line up with my love better than they ever have before, so that the way to work through the difficult times seems more clear. There is also the understanding that everything I have experienced has lead me to what is happening now, so I can apply what I have learned to what I have to face, and if I met my current partner ten years ago, our relationship would be different than it is now.

Isn’t it funny when someone pops up in your life who reminds you distinctly of someone you used to know? Their mannerisms, facial expressions, and/or physical make-up are so identical it seems not just a little trippy. I always find that these people carry the same guidance. They make you feel the same way, whether it is giddy or annoyed, and you encounter the same patterns in yourself that lead your thoughts in one direction or another. By observing our reactions to different social encounters, we learn more about ourselves to eventually actually know our self. It just so happens that some people light the path more brightly, and these are our great loves.

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