Groom Grabs The Microphone During The Wedding And Says This. What Happens Next Is A Breath-Taker. Wow!


Taking the bride in a surprise and getting her on the floor on her wedding day is probably not so much of a cool idea, but when it works, it does wonders.

That’s what the groom in this video tried, and the results will send you to the floor with more energy than a steam engine.

So it happened that on the wedding day, the groom laid in wait for the most opportune moment to grab the microphone. When he finally did, he proceeded to call out to the bride’s dad and let him know a few tough truths.

Then he parades his tuxedo-clad best men and together they pull off something incredible before the entire party in attendance. Mr. Thomas has to realize that the name “Miss Kirbi Thomas” no references his daughter. Yes, the upgrade is “Kirbi SMITH,” and no one is debating.

When they hit that floor moving to the beats of “My Girl,” you’ll find yourself nodding to the cool fact that this dad couldn’t have found a better son-in-law. I love it already!

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