She had grabbed her flight when two feet appeared from behind and had to share this


We normally don’t look forward to any trouble whenever we traveling using a plane – all we want is a smooth flight. Despite that, there are instances when frustration sets in and cases like loss of luggage and flight delays are reported. Since sometimes things can go wrong, everyone expects a peaceful and safe journey.

During such travels, we encounter people with foreign practices and we might end up being disturbed in one way or the other. Sometimes what see as rude and wrong may quite different to other people. We still have to face those inconsiderate people out there.

When Jessie Char board a plane, nothing prepared her to face what she experienced that day. She was about to take her seat when saw some feet on her seat’s armrests. The feet were those of a woman sited right behind her.

It was even surprising when the same feet went ahead and opened and closed a window. The feet rested on the armrests for around 5 minutes before the woman was ordered by the flight attendant to remove them.

Though the incident never made Jessie mad to an extent of revealing her identify, it was something she never expected. Have you ever experienced something strange while traveling? What could have you done if you were Jessie?

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