She Finally Gets To Meet Her Friend After 20 Years of Separation. Watch The Elephants’ Reaction. Cool!


They say a true friendship never meets its demise, and it looks like we have more than a few instances to prove that as factual.

Twenty years ago, Shirley, a very cool elephant, used to be a part of a circus, but things took another path when she got crippled. Shirley was put in isolation and away from the rest of her friends for a very long time, so long that what happened in this video was a total shock to everyone.

After all these years, Shirley is now meeting her old friend and circus member, Jenny. At first, everyone had their doubts whether these two could even recognize each other after so long apart. It’s been two whole decades since they had a chat, and they’re now older.

You might expect that the ‘forgetting disease’ associated with old age might have crept on these two, but then again things turn out like you never expected. This is just so awesome you’ll decide that even the elephants are truly an intelligent species!

Watch the full video and witness Shirley’s great re-union with Jenny. If you think it’s cool,SHARE this video and let your Facebook friends watch this magical moment too!

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