She gets attacked from behind by a choker, the response? What a counter move she made!


It is essential that every person learns protective tactics when faced by predators. The vulnerable people in this matter are the women, because they are considered to be a weaker sex. For this reason, it is important to note that one’s physical strength has nothing to do with tactics. If you do not believe, here is a perfect example to convince you:

The clip below was done by Nick Drossos. In it, we see the complete elaborated steps to be familiar with so as to effectively defend yourself, if being choked from behind. This clip is paramount for those thinking that a choke from behind cannot be countered.

According to the clip, one can outwit the choker if only one responds in a matter of seconds. It is calculated by Women’s Health that the maximum time of response is about five seconds. This means that there is no time for one to yell or scream for help.

As per the clip, it is not wise to struggle for the choker’s hands. What you need to do is to immediately make a turn and fight back, aiming at the face. By doing this, the choker will loosen the grip, thus granting you room to escape.

Watch the clip below and please SHARE it widely to all your family and friends so as to make them aware!

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