The German Shepherd Saw A Baby Fox Walking In The Woods. What Happened After? I’m Speechless!


My absolute favorite movie when I was a kid was Disney’s The Fox and the Hound. Now that I’m an adult, I’m delighted to see the real-life version of my favorite four-legged friends. Prepare to be amazed by Sniffer and Tinni.

The German shepherd Tinni and the fox Sniffer met in a Norwegian forest when Sniffer was just a baby. Tinni’s dad, Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge, assumed the fox’s mother had died, so he was seeking company and food. Torgeir realized Tinni and Sniffer’s immediate bond, and before he knew it, the fox and hound were playing, running, and writing their own rules about friendship. Every day, Tinni and Sniffer would reunite in the woods and play for several hours.

Make sure your speakers are on. Now, the original song written just for Sniffer and Tinni has gotten some flack, but I think it just makes the video that much more special.

In 2014, the story about Tinni and Sniffer was released in a book with short stories for children, along with facts about the fox and photos of Sniffer and Tinni enjoying each other’s company in the woods.

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