This Crazy Genius Creates “Gatling Gun” Using Six Coke Bottles, Amazing!

Joerg Sprave is a German DIY expert, and he created this lethal weapon.

#1 Waste weapons.

Joerg Sprave loves to create weapons from things you usually throw away, like empty coke bottles.

#2 Upgrade.

The first gatling gun he made, he used a litre and a half bottle. Then he upgraded it to a small bottle, because the plastic is thicker.

#3 Pressurizing.

Plus, small bottles need much less air pressure to be efficient.

#4 Aim.

And it also allowed him to create a ‘six pack’ weapon.

#5 Shoot.

Here we can see how they impacted on the bag.

#6 The wall.

Some of the arrows went so deep into the wall you need tools to take them out.

#7 Happy fellow.

He’s thrilled with his creation, and is working on making it automatic! Scary.

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