These Four Women Can Take On A Sensation Tune And Steal Your Heart With It!


Nothing works better than a dedicated team of 4 talented women all out to praise the Lord. You’ll know that the moment you hit play on this video. These ladies are just the best!

The song is “The Prayer,” a rather sensational one that’s been covered uncountable times by numerous groups and singers. But what makes it so special in this case is the feel that this simple choir makes sure to evoke. They’re the Youth Committee from the Bible Society of India, and they know how to sing best. The BESY choir is clearly taking the mantle in this!

Watch as they come together to harmonize their voices to produce one heck of a heart-touching tune that’s sure to make you want to pray. If this video steals your heart too, go ahead and SHARE it with your friends on Facebook.

People need to see this!

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