He Found This Poor Creature For Sale — But What He Did With It Is Amazing

If only there were more people like this guy…

#1 A Purposeful Purchase

Arron Culling recently paid for these two sea turtles at a market in Papua New Guinea. But he had no plans of eating the creatures as they were intended.

#2 Paying For A Cause

He paid $50 for them, drove 5km up the road and let them go, according to his post on Facebook.

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#3 Not The First. Not The Last.

This isn’t the first time Culling has saved turtles! According to his Facebook, he’s already rescued about ten turtles using this tactic.

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#4 Save The Turtles

There are very little species of sea turtles and most of them are endangered. What Culling is doing is playing a crucial role in keeping these amazing creatures in existence.

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