They Found A Safe In Their Grandmother’s House, What’s Inside Is Awesome!


#1 Grandma Dies And Then They Find This!

Reddit member, vsky shares that his grandmother passed away 6 years ago, and his family recently started cleaning out her garage. They find this old heavy duty safe that’s said to be worth around $3K, then they decide to crack its code. What was inside amazed them!


#2 Cracking The Safe’s Code

The family first searched for the code inside grandma’s home, but then they eventually find it was written on a garage rafter.



#3 What Was Inside!

Once inside they found grandma had stored bank money bags and rifles. . . Wow, those bags do look like loot, alright!


#4 Granny Was a Coin Collector!

Vsky shows that inside the bank bags where “800 silver coins, mostly silver dollars, with some dating back to the late 1800s.”


#5 Look Closely at The Coins Dates

The top right coins are apparently 125 years-old!


#6 American Quarters

This quarter was issued in 1964. Vsky mentions that the coin collection was valued at $15,000.

cc299e01afb137ba4e85dc9f16f9bd66.600xvia creepybasement


#7 Granny’s Guns

Grandma must’ve known about her guns, she had stored a “Winchester 30/30, as well as a .410 shotgun and a deed to her property,” that they didn’t even know existed!

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