These Bikers Found A Chewed Up Crate. What They Found Inside Changed Their Lives…


You won’t believe what Bret Winingar and his son Zach found while out riding their motorcycles in Little Rock, Arkansas.

#1 Abandoned Dog Crate

Bret and Zach Wininger spotted this abandoned dog crate on the side of the road while riding their bikes.

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#2 Chewed Up

Upon closer inspection, they saw the top was chewed up, and then they saw what was inside.

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#3 An Abandoned Dog

Someone left this adorable black dog in this crate. The dog would have died inside without food or water.

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#4 They Fed Her

One of them went to get some dog food and when they gave it to her, she scoffed it up.

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#5 Retrieved A Vehicle

After riding back to retrieve their car, they put the dog in the back seat and transported her home, giving her the name Charlie Bravo (CB for short).


#6 Bathtime

CB was given a warm bath to clean her up and then taken to the vet for a check up. Her nails were so overgrown, they had grown back into her paws.

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#7 Love

She now has a new family who loves her and would never leave her alone.

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