She’s The Last To Follow China’s 1000-Year-Old Foot-Binding Tradition, Her Results Are Gruesome


Your feet will tingle with pain as you see these awful pictures of some bound feet.

#1 Feet Of Pain

Zhou Guizhen is the last woman in China to follow the foot binding tradition. You won’t believe what you see.


#2 Poor Lady

Guizhen says she can’t dance or move properly anymore. Was it worth it?


#3 No Wedding Dance For Her

She regrets binding her feet, but at the time no one would marry you if you didn’t. Um, stay single next time, sister.


#4 Proof

Joe Farrell, a photographer, is cataloging other women like Zhou who suffered from this practice.


#5 OUCH!

The practice broke the women’s toes so they could fit their feet in very small shoes. And left a gaping crater in the middle of their feet.


#6 Curled Toes

Comparative western traditions would include high heels, but they are obviously less extreme. Curled toes are supposed to be a GOOD thing. Not in China.

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