When You Find Out Why He Grows Long Hair, You’ll Drop. I’m Down!


Christian McPhilamy is the kind of an 8-year-old who will decide to do something and stand his ground, and when he decided to grow long hair, even bullies had it coming!

As he puts it to the TODAY parents, even his own playmates tease him at the park, but they never get any close to changinghis mind, although it’s been two whole years since he let his hair hang down. But this kid is a joyful one, and instead of getting pissed off every time he’s called a girl, he always takes his time to explain why he wants some long hair on his head.

Often, some people, especially a certain doctor, even take him for a girl. At 6, Christian told Deanna Thomas, his mom, that he wanted to grow long hair, and she stood by him. According to Deanna, it’s hard to talk this kid out of anything when he sets his mind on it.

But it’s the reason he gives for doing all this that got me dropping. It’s nothing you can think of!

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Meet 8-year-old Christian. Two years ago he decided to grow his hair long. However, the reason is quite surprising.


When Christian was 6 years old, he saw a St. Jude’s Children Hospital commercial on TV. He was so moved by it, he knew he wanted to help other kids.


Growing his hair hasn’t been easy. Not only kids his age but adults, too, have teased him about his long locks.




“He has endured an awful lot of criticism, and yes even bullying, throughout this time. From his peers calling him a girl to even coaches and family friends telling him he should cut it or offering him money to. Even still, he has never once, strayed from his goal and always took the time to educate others on why he made the choice to grow his hair,” his mom, Deeanna Thomas, wrote on Facebook.


Christian finally cut his hair and donated it to the Children With Hair Loss Foundation.


Four full ponytails, 12 inches long each, will go to kids in need.




“I am one proud mommy as always,” Deanna said. We’re all proud of Christian!

11109215_1019332738078280_9148814599786662314_nDeeanna Thomas / Facebook


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