The Father-Daughter Duo Wowed The Guests At Her Wedding. Weeks Later, Something Tragic Happens


Weddings are special and everybride hasa wedding culture she values.

Amber and her dad, Dave, decided to something different at her wedding. Instead of the usual father-daughter dance, the duo had a surprise for their guests.

Amber grew up in a musical home. The duo decided to perform a duet and sang Dan’sFogelberg’s “ Leader of the Band”. Her dad played the guitar and Amber sang along.

The duo’s amazing performance impressed the guests, thanks to the guitar playing in the background and Amber’s angelic voice. By the end of their performance, there was no dry eye in the room.

The performance meant a lot to Amber. It was a precious father-daughter moment on Amber’s big day.

Sadly, they received heartbreaking news weeks after Amber’s wedding. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and has few days left. We are glad someone captured the magical moment.

Watch the duo perform in the video below and let us know what you think.

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