This Experiment Of Disguised Homeless People Is Unbelievable. The Response They Get Is Astonishing.


If a family member or loved one posed as a homeless person, would you recognize him or her? This jarring social experiment will make you think about how we look at the homeless.  At times it can be hard to understand how the homeless feel, but after watching this video, your perspective might change just a little…

This experiment was composed of people that were disguised as homeless and then placed in contact with close family members and loved ones.  This video truly shows how invisible homeless people are to pedestrians on the street.  What happens next will make you think…

Watch the video below and see the unbelievable response that these people get.

“There’s only one person that didn’t make it into the film — because they couldn’t handle the fact that they walked by their family,” video director Jun Diaz of Smuggler production company told Fast Company. “It happened every time.”

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